Maziak Clothing was established in late 2012 in Northamptonshire. Created by Owner "Lewis Maziak" Just an idea turned into reality...
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I started this brand not long after joining college a couple years after leaving school.. I was 18 at the time and still contemplating what to do with my future.. It started with a few designs I uploaded onto tumblr, and I got a lot of support and attention for my work, so I decided to put them onto a t-shirt.

My first design was the one below, although I simply overlaid an image of some weed I had! And people loved it.. I'm all for Cannabis Legalisation both Recreational & Medical.. its been a huge influence on my life in a very positive way, and it never stopped or disrupted my motivation or drive to run my business. I can confidently say I've always had a big imagination.. Weed just improves that sometimes ;)

It was very basic steps in regards to printing and making it a brand to be proud of, but with time and having a great business partnership with my local printers I started getting more experience with how it all worked. I had also purchased custom sewn labels to improve the brand so I taught myself to sew and modify my clothing how I wanted.

It started small, and then within a year it just blew up out of nowhere! I managed all of the content/design myself and marketed my brand via social media.

We just wanna have a good time and provide nothing but custom, unique and a brand quality you can enjoy. A brand you can be a part of..

Maziak Clothing

Est September 3rd 2012